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The Ozark Historical Review

Published by the Department of History, The Ozark Historical Review offers the University of Arkansas‘s top history students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels a chance to showcase their original research and historiographic investigations.

Published in the Spring semester, submissions and queries should be directed to the editor, Professor Rembrandt Wolpert. All submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee, which includes Professors Andrea Arrington, James Gigantino, Elizabeth Markham, and Rembrandt Wolpert.

The Ozark Historical Review, VOLUME 42, SPRING 2013

The Ozark Historical Review, VOLUME 41, SPRING 2012

  • "Creating the Thomas McRae Sanatorium for Negroes: Race, Contagion, and Space in Jim Crow Arkansas," Shauna Gibbons,1
  • "Escape from the 'Floating World': Kabuki Theater in Conflict with the Bakufu Government of Tokugawa Japan (1600-1868), 23
  • "Erotic Dream and Gvoernmental Nightmare: Use and Censorship of Pillow Books in Edo Culture and the Influence of the 'Floating World'," Emily Chase, 35
  • "An Assessment of Transformations in American and Canadian Women Homesteaders in the Mid-Nineteenth to Early Twentieth Century Wests," Rachel Albinson, 45
  • "The Metis and the Manifest Destiny of the Candian Northwest," Donald Holler, 67.

The Ozark Historical Review, VOLUME 40, SPRING 2011

The Ozark Historical Review, VOLUME 39, SPRING 2010

The Ozark Historical Review, VOLUME 38, SPRING 2009

The Ozark Historical Review, VOLUME 37, SPRING 2008