Alumni & Friends

Department alumni are to be found in most every remunerative profession, at least all the respectable ones. Many teach history at the college or high school level. Some, like Elizabeth Jacoway, Nan Woodruff, Ralph Turner, Bobby Lovett, C. Calvin Smith, and Charles King, are well-known and widely published scholars. Many others have distinguished themselves in fields outside academe. Two, Fulbright (BA 1925) and Mark Pryor (BA 1985), have represented Arkansas in the United State Senate, Senator Pryor telling us...

“I use the education I received at the University of Arkansas Department of History every day.”

A considerable number are attorneys. A few became judges, including Henry Woods, Steele Hays, and Morris Arnold. Another, Martin R. Steele (BA 1974), has served his country as a top-ranking general in the U.S. Marine Corps. We also count as proud products of our department bankers, medical doctors, librarians, journalists, museum directors, poets, park rangers, software entrepreneurs, helicopter pilots, cheerleaders, the mayor of Fort Smith, and a gadfly whose letters to the editor are unusually well-informed.