Michael Anthony

  • Thesis: “Otherwise, You Will Have to Suffer the Consequences: The Racial Cleansing of Catcher, Arkansas"
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Amanda McGee

  • Thesis: “Abolition's Informal Gatekeepers: The Role of County Courts in the Making of Pennsylvania's 'Free' Border"
  • Advisor: James Gigantino

Sam Scurry

  • Thesis: “Consulting the Ancestors: Salafi Reformist Fatwas and the Challenge to Traditionalism in Egypt and Arabia, 1895-1930"
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Airic Hughes

  • Thesis: “Through the Heart of the City: Interstates and Black Geographies in Urban America"
  • Advisor: Calvin White

Will Teague

  • Thesis: “Hostages of the Crisis: Iranian Students and Jimmy Carter"
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Emilee Dale

  • Thesis: "The Preacher and Missionary War: The Political Role of Race and Christianity in the 1831 Baptist War"
  • Advisor: Caree Banton

Mehreen Jamal

  • Thesis: "Envisioning a New Pakastani Home: Gender, Class, and Identity in Women's Urdu Journals, 1947-1960"
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Alex Marino

  • Thesis: "The United States and Portuguese Angola: Space, Race, and the Cold War in Africa"
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Marie Totten

  • Thesis: "'A Rabble Rouser All the Time': Jim Johnson and the Politics of Massive Resistance in Arkansas"
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Arley Ward

  • Thesis: "[Dis]Assembling Race: The FEPC in Oklahoma, 1941-1946"
  • Advisor: Michael Pierce

Mansour al-Sharidah

  • Thesis: "Merchants without Borders: Qusman Traders in the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean, c. 1850-1950"
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Baris Basturk

  • Thesis: "The Formation of Ottoman Sufism and Eşrefoğlu Rumi: A 15th-Century Shaykh Between Popular Religion and Sufi Ideals ."
  • Advisor: Nikolay Antov

Chelsea Hodge

  • Thesis: "'Deserting the broad and easy way:' Southern Methodist Women, the Social Gospel, and the New Deal State, 1909-1939."
  • Advisor: Michael Pierce

Sarah Riva

  • Thesis: "The Shallow End of the Deep South: Civil Rights Activism in Arkansas, 1865-1970."
  • Advisor: Calvin White

Eric Totten

  • Thesis: "A Suspected Democratic Regiment: The Fourth New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry in the American Civil War."
  • Advisor: Dan Sutherland

Edward Andrus

  • Thesis: "The River Gave and the River Hath Taken Away: How the ARkansas River Shaped the Course of Arkansas History"
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Daniel Fischer

  • Thesis: "The War on Winter: How Americans Put Down Roots on the Northern Plains, 1854-1949"
  • Advisor: Elliott West

Jama Grove

  • Thesis: “The Farmers' Federation: Regional Racial Mythologies as Agricultural Capital”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Michele "Scout" Johnson

  • Thesis: “Mothers of Intention: Women in the Ku Klux Klan and Massive Resistance”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Elizabeth Kiszonas

  • Thesis: “Westward Empire: George Berkeley's 'Verses on the Prospect of Planting of Arts' in American Art and Cultural History”
  • Advisor: Jim Gigantino

Rebekah McMillan

  • Thesis: "'The Healing Hand Laid on a Great Wound': The Elberfeld System and the Transformation of Poverty in Germany, Britain, and the United States"
  • Advisor: Laurence Hare

B. Jared Pack

  • Thesis: "Special Relationships: Anglo-American Latin America Policy and the Redefining of National Security, 1969-1982"
  • Advisor: Alessandro Brogi

Jason Phillips

  • Thesis: "Was Rome Not Beautiful Too? Modern Germany and the Legacy of Ancient Rome"
  • Advisor: Laurence Hare

Bethany Rosenbaum

  • Thesis: “Promise and Practice: Toward and Expanded, Integrated, Collaborative Narrative on American Indians in Our National Parks”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland and Elliott West

Nate Conley

  • Thesis: “Frontier Capitalism and Unfree Labor in Middle Appalachia: The Development of Western Pennsylvania and Maryland, 1760-1840”
  • Advisor: Jim Gigantino

Chet Cornell

  • Thesis: “Black Islamic Evangelization in the American South”
  • Advisor: David Chappell

Daniel Elkin

  • Thesis: “Zona Libre: Conservatism, Urban Growth, and the Rise of the New Economy in the San Diego Borderlands”
  • Advisor: Michael Pierce

Natalie Hall

  • Thesis: “The Spatial Agency of the Catacombs: An Analysis of the Interventions of Damasus I (305-388)”
  • Advisor: Lynda Coon

Louise Hancox

  • Thesis: “Picturing a Nation Divided: Art, American Identity, and the Crisis Over Slavery”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Anne Marie Martin

  • Thesis: “Death Among the Palmettos: Southern Burial Practices and Society, 1775-1850”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Michael Powers

  • Thesis: “The Commercial Union of the Three Americas: Major Edward A. Burke and Transnational New South Visionaries, 1870-1928”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Madeleine Forrest Ramsey

  • Thesis: “The Cruel Consequences of War: Life in Fauquier County, Virginia, 1861-1863”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

David Blaine Walker

  • Thesis: “Periodicals in Transition: Politics and Style in Victorian Higher Journalism"
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Ali Capar

  • Thesis: “A Portrayal of an Ottoman City and Its Inhabitants:  Administration, Economy, and Society in Ottoman Antakya (Antioch), 1750-1840”
  • Advisor: Nikolay Antov

Denna Clymer

  • Thesis: “In the Field the Women Saved the Crop: The Women's Land Army of World War II”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Misti Harper

  • Thesis: “And They Entered as Ladies: When Race, Class, and Black Femininity Clashed at Central High School”
  • Advisor: Calvin White

Rodney Harris

  • Thesis: “Arkansas's Divided Democracy: The Making of the Constitution of 1874”
  • Advisor: Patrick Williams

Erin Hogue

  • Thesis: “To Create a More Conteted Family and Community Life: Home Demonstration Work in Arkansas, 1912-1952”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

G. David Schieffler

  • Thesis: “Civil War in the Delta: Environment, Race, and the 1863 Helena Campaign”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Blake Duffield

  • Thesis: “The Grey Men of Empire: Framing Britain's Official Mind, 1854-1934”
  • Advisor: Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon

Jeffrey Grooms

  • Thesis: “A Gentleman's Burden: Difference and the Development of British Education at Home and in the Empore During the Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Centuries”
  • Advisor: Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon

Brian Hurley

  • Thesis: “Walking in American History: How Long Distance Foot Travel Shaped Views of Nature and Society in Early Modern America”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

Aaron Moulton

  • Thesis: “Guatemalan Exiles, Caribbean Basin Dictators, Operation PBFORTUNE, and the Transnational Counter-Revolution against the Guatemalan Revolution, 1944-1952
  • Advisor: Alessandro Brogi

Matthew Parnell

  • Thesis: “Youth...Power...Egypt: The Development of Youth as a Sociopolitical Concept and Force in Egypt, 1805-1923”
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

John Treat

  • Thesis: “Initiating Race: Fraternal Organizations, Racial Identity, and Public Discourse in American Culture, 1865-1917”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Rob Bauer

  • Thesis: “Outside the lines of Gilded Age Baseball:  Profits, Beer, and the Origins of the Brotherhood War”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

Amanda Ford

  • Thesis: “The Decolonization of Christianity in Colonial Kenya”
  • Advisor: Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon

Justin Gage

  • Thesis: “Intertribal Communication, Literacy, and the Spread of the Ghost Dance”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger and Elliott West

Rebecca Howard

  • Thesis: “Civil War Unionists and their Legacy in the Arkansas Ozarks”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Ron Gordon

  • Thesis: “The Claims of Religion Upon Medical Men’: Protestant Christianity and Medicine in Nineteenth-Century America”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Kelly Jones

  • Thesis: “The Peculiar Institution on the Periphery: Slavery in Arkansas”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Michael McCoy

  • Thesis: “The Responses of the Roman Imperial Government to Natural Disasters (29BCE-180CE)”
  • Advisor: Charles Muntz

Jason McCollum

  • Thesis: “Political Harvests: Transnational Farmers' Movements in North Dakota and Saskatchewan, 1905-1950”
  • Advisor: Bob McMath

Bianca Rowlett

  • Thesis: “Jeane Kirkpatrick and Neoconservatism: The Intellectual Evolution of a Liberal”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Scott Cashion

  • Thesis: "'And So We Moved Quietly':  Southern Methodist University and Desegregation, 1950-1970"
  • Advisor: Charles Robinson II

Jared Phillips

  • Thesis: "Tangled Hope:  America, China, and Human Rights at the End of the Cold War, 1976-2000"
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Mary Suter

  • Thesis: “Dammed Arkansas: Early Developments in how Arkansas Came to be a Dammed State, 1836-1945”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

James Bird

  • Thesis: "A Family Affair:  The Pre-Kansas Saga of James Henry Lane" 
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland 

Niels Eichhorn

  • Thesis: "Revolution and Civil War, 1848-1865:  Rudolph Matthias Schleiden's Experiences during the First Schleswig-Holstein War and the Civil War" 
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland 

David W. Kirsch

  • Thesis: “The Silent Arms Race:  The Role of the Supercomputer During the Cold War, 1947-1963”
  • Advisor: Alessandro Brogi 

Michael Riley

  • Thesis: “Capital Punishment in Oklahoma, 1836-1966”
  • Advisor: David Chappell (University of Oklahoma) 

Sonia Toudji

  • Thesis: “Intimate Frontiers:  Indians, French, and Africans in the Mississippi Valley, 1673-1803”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Yulia Uryadova

  • Thesis: “Bandits, Terrorists, and Revolutionaries: The Breakdown of Civil Authroity in the Imperial Ferghana Valley, 1905-1914”
  • Advisors: Joel Gordon and Tricia Starks 

Jami Forrester

  • Thesis:  "From Swamp Forest to Cotton:  Three States Lumber Company and the Developtment of Burdette, Arkansas in the Early Twentieth Century"
  • Advisor:  Jeannie Whayne

Jeremy B. Taylor

  • Thesis: “Cities of Captivity: The Tangled Communities of Johnson's Island Prison and Sandusky, Ohio, 1861-1865”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Matthew Stith

  • Thesis: “Social War: People, Nature, and Irregular Warfare on the Trans-Mississippi Frontier, 1861-1865”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Gene Vinzant

  • Thesis: “Little Rock's Long Crisis: Schools and Race in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1863-2009”
  • Advisor: David Chappell

Clint Crowe

  • Thesis: “War in the Nations: The Devastation of a Removed People during the American Civil War”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Michael Hammond

  • Thesis: “Twice Born, Once Elected: The Making of the Religious Right During the Carter Administration.”
  • Advisor: David Chappell

Geoff Jensen

  • Thesis: “It Cut Both Ways: the Cold War and Civil Rights Reform within the Military, 1945-1968”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Matthew Kirkpatrick

  • Thesis: “Posthumous Degree”
  • Advisor: Richard Sonn

Basri Basri

  • Thesis: “Indonesian 'Ulama' in the Haramayn and the Transmission of Reformist Islam in Indonesia (1800-1900)”
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Matthew Byron

  • Thesis: “Crime and Punishment?: The Impotency of Dueling Laws in the United States”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Tammy Byron

  • Thesis: “A Catechism for Their Special Use?: Slave Catechisms in the Antebellum South”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Jared Dockery

  • Thesis: “Quick on His Feet, and Even Quicker In His Brain?: Lightning Joe Collins At War”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Jason Pierce

  • Thesis: “Making the White Man?s West: Whiteness and the Creation of the West”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

Brent Riffel

  • Thesis: “The Feathered Kingdom: Tyson Foods And The Transformation Of American Land, Labor, And Law, 1930-2005”
  • Advisor: David Chappell

Scott Tarnowieckyi

  • Thesis: “Between the Hawk and the Buzzard: The Civil War in Henderson and Daviess Counties, Kentucky”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Thomas Aiello

  • Thesis: “The Kings of Casino Park: Race and Race Baseball in the Lost Season of 1932, Monroe, LA”
  • Advisor: David Chappell

Farid Al-salim

  • Thesis: “A Social History of Provincial Palestine: The History of Tulkarm in the Late Ottoman Period”
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Aneilya Barnes

  • Thesis: “Gender and Domestic Space in the First Christian Basilicas”
  • Advisor: Lynda Coon

Julie Courtwright

  • Thesis: “Taming the Red Buffalo: Prairie Fire on the Great Plains”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

Derek Roy Everett

  • Thesis: “Frontiers Within: State Boundaries and Borderlands in the American West”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

James Finck

  • Thesis: “The Secession Movement in Kentucky, 1860-61”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Nawaf Madkhli

  • Thesis: “Saudi Arabia s Foreign Policy During King Khalid=s Reign, 1975-1982”
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Derrick Mckisick

  • Thesis: “A Separate Peace: Emancipation and Citizenship in the Choctaw Nation”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

April L. Brown

  • Thesis: “Between nationalism and hegemony: the United States and the Cuban revolution”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Charles Argo

  • Thesis: “Ottoman Political Spectacle: Reconsidering the Devsirme in the Ottoman Balkans, 1450-1700”
  • Advisor: William F. Tucker

Robert Michael Bracy

  • Thesis: “Building Palestine: Isa al-Isa, Filastin, and the Textual Construction of Nationalism, 1911-1931”
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Michael A. Davis

  • Thesis: “Politics as Usual: Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Dewey and the Wartime Presidential Campaign of 1944”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Nathan Dale Howard

  • Thesis: “Christianity, Patronage, and Administration in fourth Century Cappadocia”
  • Advisor: Lynda Coon

Annette Morrow

  • Thesis: “Struggling With The Passion Of Saint Perpetua: Gendering The Female Body In Late Antiquity And Beyond”
  • Advisor: Lynda Coon

Thomas Stearns

  • Thesis: “Camels in the Ukraine and Other Storeis of Hollywood's Pro-Soviet Interlude, 1943-1945”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Clea Bunch

  • Thesis: “Ambitious Alliance: Jordanian-American Relations During the Cold War, 1948-1969”
  • Advisor: Joel Gordon

Susan E. Dollar

  • Thesis: “Race, Identity, and Americanization in Creole Louisiana”
  • Advisor: Beth Schweiger

Lahmuddin Lahmuddin

  • Thesis: “Sunn ulama and the reform of religious offices in Medieval Egypt, 637-676 A.H./A.D. 1240-1277”
  • Advisor: William F. Tucker

Steven Carter

  • Thesis: “The Mormons and the Third Reich, 1933-1946”
  • Advisor: Evan B. Bukey

Michael S. Martin

  • Thesis: “Senator Russell B. Long of Louisiana: A Political Biography, 1948-1987”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Gary J. Zellar

  • Thesis: “If I Ain't One, You Won't Find Another One Here: Race, Identity, Citizenship, and Land; the African Creek Experience in the Indian Territory and Oklahoma, 1830-1910”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

Lisa Beckenbaugh

  • Thesis: “Only the Strong Survived: Urban vs. Rural Backgrounds in Survival Rates Among American Prisoners of War of the Japanese During World War II”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Jimmy Wayne Jones

  • Thesis: “Pentecostal America: The Growth and Spread of Pentecostalism in American Religious Life and Culture Since the Second World War”
  • Advisor: David Chappell

Jeff Littlejohn

  • Thesis: “The high ideals he always cherished: Irving Brant, Franklin Roosevelt, and the Origins of the Madison Biography”
  • Advisor: David Chappell

Amanda Aucoin

  • Thesis: “Deconstructing the American Way of Life: Soviet and American Cultural Exchange and Soviet Image-Making of America during the Krushchev years”
  • Advisor: David Edwards

Terry L. Beckenbaugh

  • Thesis: “The War of Politics: Samuel Ryan Curtis and Political Factions within Union Armies and Civilian Government of the Trans-Mississippi, 1862-1864”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Robert P. Bender

  • Thesis: “OLD BOSS DEVIL: Sectionalism and Charity, The Western Sanitary Commission-United States Sanitary Commission Rivalry during The Civil War”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Joseph Key

  • Thesis: “Masters of This Country: The Quapaws and Environmental Change in Arkansas, 1673-1833”
  • Advisor: Elliott West

Susan Diane Lanningham

  • Thesis: “Gender, Body and Authority in a Spanish Convent: The Life and Trials of Maria Vela y Cueto, 1561-1621”
  • Advisor: Lynda Coon

Natalie Molineaux

  • Thesis:Medicus et Medicamenta: Paradigms and Perspectives in the Historical Development of Christian Penance”
  • Advisor: Lynda Coon

William J. Atto

  • Thesis: “Vision of Order: Orestes Brownson and American Society”
  • Advisor: James Chase

Mary J. Landreth

  • Thesis: “Darby?s Rangers, America?s Special Forces in World War II: Their Personal Experiences”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Clement A. Mulloy

  • Thesis: “Margeret Sanger vs. the Catholic Church: the Early Debate on Birth Control”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Jeffrey Prushankin

  • Thesis: “A Crisis in Command: Edmund Kirby Smith and Richard Taylor in the Trans-Mississippi West”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

John Wampler

  • Thesis: “Posthumous Degree”


Brent Aucoin

  • Thesis: “A Rift in the Clouds: Southern Federal Judges and African-American Civil Rights, 1888-1915”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Richard A. Buckelew

  • Thesis: “Racial Violence in Arkansas: Lynchings and Mob Rule, 1860-1930”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Michael Nelson

  • Thesis: “Liberal Internationalism: Roger Hilsman”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Fletcher Smith

  • Thesis: “Clyde Johnson, American Communist: His Life in the Labor Movement”
  • Advisor: Elizabeth Payne

Julie Smith

  • Thesis: “From American Invasion to British Innovation: Rock-n-Roll in Great Britain, 1954-1969”
  • Advisor: Thomas Kennedy

William M. Smith, Jr.

  • Thesis: “Mercenary Eagles: American Pilots Serving in Foreign Air Forces Prior to the United States Entry into the Second World War, 1936-1941”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods


Eric Bolsterli

  • Thesis: “Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Panamanian Crisis of 1964”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Scott Jones

  • Thesis: “Monastic Missionaries in the New Wilderness: A History of Catholic Monasticism in Arkansas, 1878-1998)”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


John Arnold

  • Thesis: “Ego Sum Michael: The Origin and Diffusion of the Christian Cult of St. Michael the Archangel”
  • Advisor: Lynda Coon

Randall Austin

  • Thesis: “The Influence of the Mainline Protestant Religions on American Foreign Policy During the Early Years of the Cold War”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Paula C. Barnes

  • Thesis: “Educating the Conscience: Betty Flanagan Bumpers and Peace Links, A Study of Feminist Pacifism”
  • Advisor: Elizabeth Payne

Gary J. Battershell

  • Thesis: “Upcountry Slaveholding: Pope and Johnson Counties, Arkansas, 1840-1860”
  • Advisor: Jeannie Whayne

Lori Lyn Bogle

  • Thesis: “Moral Combat: The U.S. Military and the Shaping of the American Character, 1917-1962”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Stephen H. Dew

  • Thesis: “The Queen City at War: Charlotte, NC, During World War II, 1939-45”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

M. Diane Gleason

  • Thesis: “In Defense of God and Country: Elizabeth Dilling, A Link Between the Two Red Scares”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Ira Donathan Taylor

  • Thesis: “The Logistics of the Roman Army in North Africa”
  • Advisor: Don Engels


Thomas Deblack

  • Thesis: “A Garden in the Wilderness: The Johnsons and the Making of Lakeport Plantation, 1831-1876”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Young Gwan Lee

  • Thesis: “German-Korean Relations 1882-1906”
  • Advisor: Evan B. Bukey

Todd Everett Lewis

  • Thesis: “Race Relations in Arkansas, 1910-1929”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Charles Armour

  • Thesis: “Anton Boisen and the Origins of the Modern Pastoral Care Movement”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Susan Elaine Colvin

  • Thesis: “A History of International Commercial Aviation, 1903-1939”
  • Advisor: Randall Woods

Jane Davenport

  • Thesis: “Congressional Conflict of Interest: The Emergence of an American Dilemma”
  • Advisor: James Chase

Virginia Laas

  • Thesis: “Being My Own Heroine: The Marriage of a Nineteenth-Century Washington Belle, Violet Blair”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Randy Finley

  • Thesis: “The Freedmen's Bureau in Arkansas”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

William James Mcguire

  • Thesis: “A Friend to the Prisoner: Edward Grubb's American Tour of 1904 and Quaker Social Action”
  • Advisor: Thomas Kennedy


Michael Anderson Hughes

  • Thesis: “The Struggle for Chattanooga, 1862-1863”
  • Advisor: Daniel Sutherland

Ben Franklin Johnson

  • Thesis: “Fierce Solitude: A Life of John Gould Fletcher”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Andrew Frederick Kaufmann

  • Thesis: “Aristocratic Communist: The Life of M.N. Tukhachevskii and the Continuity of Imperial Army Tradition in the Soviet Military”
  • Advisor: David Edwards

Samuel L. Webb

  • Thesis: “Two-Party Politics in the One-Party South: Alabama Hill Country, 1880-1920”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Janie Johnson

  • Thesis: “The French Utopian Vision of Woman in the Age of Reason”
  • Advisor: Gordon McNeil

Frances H. Rudko

  • Thesis: “John Marshall and International Law: The Apprenticeship, 1793-1801”
  • Advisor: James Chase

Roger Daniel Schultz

  • Thesis: “All Things Made New, The Evolving Fundamentalism of Harry Rimmer, 1890-1952”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Jerry J. Vervack

  • Thesis: “The Making of a Politician: Joe T. Robinson, 1872-1921”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Fon Louise Gordon

  • Thesis: “The Black Experience in Arkansas, 1880-1920”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Janet Allured

  • Thesis: “Families, Food and Folklore: Women's Culture in Post-Bellum Ozarks”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Paul David Haynie

  • Thesis: “A Peculiar People: A History of the Churches of Christ in Washington and Madison Counties, Arkansas”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Katherine N. Villard

  • Thesis: “Villard: The Years of Fortune”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


James Rudolph Goff, Jr.

  • Thesis: “Fields White Unto Harvest: Charles F. Parham and the Missionary Origins of Pentecostalism”
  • Advisor: David E. Harrell


David M. Moyers

  • Thesis: “Arkansas Progressivism: The Legislative Record”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Marvin Frank Russell

  • Thesis: “The Republican Party of Arkansas, 1874-1913”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Edrene Stephen Montgomery

  • Thesis: “Bruce Barton and the Twentieth Century Menace of Unreality”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Michael Edward Arrington

  • Thesis: “A History of Ouachita Baptist College: 1886-1933”
  • Advisor: James Hudson


David Alden Foy

  • Thesis: “For You the War is Over: The Treatment and Life of U.S. Army and Army Air Corps Personnel Interned in POW Camps in Germany, 1942-45”
  • Advisor: Timothy Donovan

Berton E. Henninson

  • Thesis: “History of the Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, 1939-83”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Faye Robbins

  • Thesis: “Black Nashville in the Age of Booker T. Washington”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


Craig Michalik

  • Thesis: “The Southern State University During the Progressive Era”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood


William Burnside

  • Thesis: “Powell Clayton: Diplomat and Party Boss”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Bobby Lee Lovett

  • Thesis: “The Negro in Tennessee, 1861-1866; A Socio-Military History of the Civil War Era”
  • Advisor: Willard Gatewood

Bobby L. Roberts

  • Thesis: “The Relationship Between War and Society as Reflected in the Writings of Five Military Historians, 1919-45”
  • Advisor: James Hudson

Calvin C. Smith

  • Thesis: “Arkansas, 1940-1945: Public and Press Reaction to War and Wartime Pressures”
  • Advisor: Timothy Donovan


Samuel A. Covington

  • Thesis: “The Comite militaire and the Legislative Reform of the French Army, 1789-1791”
  • Advisor: Gordon McNeil