All History majors and minors, except for first-year honors students, are advised by the Fulbright Advising Center, Champion's Hall 322. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor by calling 479-575-3307 or by logging on to UA Connect. First year honors students are advised by the Fulbright Honors Program, Old Main 517.

 The advising center can assist you with:

  • Creating a four-year plan
  • Career Communities
  • Requirements for HIST major/minor
  • Honors requirements
  • Course selection for each semester/academic progress
  • Interpreting/explaining graduation requirements
  • Academic standing policies
  • Transfer credit
  • State minimum core requirements
  • 24, 30, 40, 68 hour rules
  • Campus referrals
  • ROTC Forms
  • Act 182
  • Act 1014
  • Developmental course placement

History majors and minors should also feel free to consult with the director of undergraduate studies, Professor Jared Phillips, for help with more specific history-related questions, including connecting with faculty. Professor Phillips also serves as Honors Mentor to assist honors students with their needs, including choosing a thesis topic and a faculty mentor.

For assistance with overrides, please contact the history department office (575-3001)

Students who are interested in pursuing the secondary education licensure program with an emphasis in history (MAT) can find information on the Pre-MAT program here.

 All history majors who have more than 90 hours of credit should apply for graduation in the Office of the Dean of Fulbright College, MAIN 525. For information about graduation requirements, please see the Fulbright Advising Center.