History 3+3 Law Program

History courses provide an excellent preparation for law school, and with the 3+3 Law Program, qualified students majoring in History may choose to pursue an accelerated pathway to the University of Arkansas School of Law.  Students who qualify may enter the School of Law in their fourth year of college and apply their Law School courses as electives to complete their BA in History
With support from the Advising Center in Fulbright College and mentors in the Department of History, students spend their first three years of college completing their University and College requirements and meeting the requirements for the BA in History. In the third year, they apply for admission to the School of Law and then begin law studies in their fourth year of college. They may then use the credits from the Law School to complete the elective hours for the BA degree while also meeting requirements for their law degree.

Students are eligible to begin at the School of Law after the completion of at least 94 hours of college work if they have:

  • Completed all university, college, and major course requirements for their undergraduate degree;
  • Earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50; and
  • Received an LSAT score of at least 159.

Dr. J. Laurence Hare
Chair, Department of History
Old Main 416E

(479) 575-5890