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Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society

Phi Alpha Theta is the largest college honor society devoted to a single discipline with 820 chapters in the U.S. and three other countries. It was founded on this campus on March 17, 1921. In order to qualify for the Alpha Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, you must be an undergraduate with at least 12 hours of History with a GPA of 3.1 or better and a 3.0 overall. Graduate students must have completed 12 hours toward their degree with a 3.5 or better.

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Phi Alpha Theta - Alpha Chapter of Arkansas Officers

  • President: Amanda McGee
  • Vice President: Taylor McDougall
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Rebecca Gilliland

Phi Alpha Theta History Awards Reception

The Phi Alpha Theta Honors society hosts an annual reception for new inductees as well as to honor undergraduate and graduate students who have received awards in the past year. At the ceremony, all new members will be introduced and initiated into the Alpha chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. The annual Phi Alpha Theta Distinguished Lecture is connected to the event. Past Phi Alpha Theta Lectures include:

  • 2015: Dr. Adam Seipp, Associate Professor of History, Texas A&M University, "In Sarajevo's Shadow: World War I and the Lessons of History"
  • 2013: Dr. Thomas Goldstein, Visiting Assistant Professor of History, University of Arkansas, "Writers and Spies: Surveillance and Collaboration in East Germany"
  • 2012: Karen Uslin, Professor of Music History at Marymount University, "Choosing the Abyss: Navigating Holocaust Research in the 21st Century"
  • 2011: Dr. Laura Smoller, Professor of History and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medical Humanities, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    "Astrology and the Sibyls: The Medieval Roots of Natural Theology"
  • 2011: Dr. Marc A. Weiner, Professor of Germanic Studies at Indiana University
    "Richard Wagner's Racist Aesthetics:  When is the Artwork Guilty?"
  • 2010: Dr. Nelson Lichtenstein, Director of the Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy, Professor of History, University of California - Santa Barbara
    "The Return of Merchant Capitalism"
  • 2009: Dr. Fred M. Donner, Editor of Al-Usur al-Wusta, the Bulletin of Middle East Medievalists, Professor of History, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
    "The Development of Early Islamic Political Vocabulary"
  • 2008: Dr. Alan Millett, Director-Eisenhower Center for American Studies and Stephen Ambrose Professor of History, University of New Orleans
    "Going to Korea and Searching for the Korean War"
  • 2007: Dr. Deborah Dash Moore, Huetwell Professor of History and Director of the Jean and Samuel Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, University of Michigan
    "GI Jew: How World War II Changed a Generation"
  • 2006: Dr. Pete Sigal, Associate Professor of History, Duke University
    "Tezcatlipoca: A Queer Aztec God?"
  • 2005: Dr. William Beezley, Professor of History, University of Arizona
    "How El Negrito Saved Mexico from the French"

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